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Select and classify casings before retreading - Recauchutados Mesas S.A.

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INTACT 1200-2 – Shearography

Recauchutados Mesas S.A., Albacete (Spain)
Company for production of retreaded tires

Recauchutados Mesas S.A. is one of the biggest companies in Spain for production of retreaded tires, concentrating its main market in Europe but also exporting its products to the rest of the world. To improve product quality and reliability to attend the demands of end-users, the company was looking for a Shearography inspection system.

The STEINBICHLER INTACT 1200-2 Inline Flip combines beside high quality equipment, the required feature of a system, where the investment is in proportion to the improvement inproductivity. Also the fact that the Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH has its own in-house development department was a reason for purchasing a Steinbichler system. Recauchutados Mesas S.A. uses the STEINBICHLER INTACT 1200-2 shearography inspection system within their initial inspection of truck and light truck tires, to select and classify their casings before retreading.

Since installing the system in 2006, Recauchutados Mesas S.A. has reduced the claim rate by more than 50 %. In addition they have improved the processes due to fewer tires rejected during process and less casings return buffed to the end user. This was possible thanks to the easiness of classification of the casing during inspection with the INTACT system. Better aligned processes and higher product quality, fulfilled the internal targets of Recauchutados Mesas S.A. and also satisfied end user requirements of a low cpk with quality retreads.

Especially at the crucial tire size 385/65R22.5, the process efficiency has been improved tremendously. Consequently, the detection of invisible separations within the casing - accomplishing quality standards through the use of the INTACT technology - have been drastically increased. Significant also to mention that the quality of purchased and processed casings, has changed for the better because of the high standards during the casings pre-selection.

The INTACT system has become a preciousally to the team of inspectors by supporting decisions due to proper classification and selection during the casing inspection. Not clearly identified indications at the casings are marked and referred to the result picture of the INTACT system.

Not to forget the satisfaction of Recauchutados Mesas S.A. regarding the high reliability of the system.“ Moreover, the system`s low maintenance costs due to the use of premium compounds and manufacturing standards at Steinbichler Optotechnik, are a reason, why investing in shearography technology is crowned with economic success”, explains Mr. Javier Mesas, CEO & Managing Director of Recauchutados Mesas S.A.