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Среда, 01 октября 2014 02:00

OTR tire inspection for Marangoni S.p.A.

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The Maragoni Group currently operates in business areas covering most tire production activities. In order to improve quality in the reatreading process and to save unnecessary costs due to defect tires, Marangoni was interested in the capability of STEINBICHLER INTACT 2800 for detection of separations in OTR tires. To get their own impressions about the quality, Marangoni sent eight individual test tires for inspection to the Steinbichler laboratory in Neubeuern (D). Those tires were inspected with shearography and afterwards returned to Italy.

The automatic inspection results were recorded and handed over to Marangoni. In order to analyze the findings, the tires which the shearography indicated defect, were buffed and cut by Marangoni employees for manual inspection. The tests were performed by Mr. Vivaldi, Mr. Gaida, Mr. Agron, Mr. Federico (all Marangoni), Mr. Zehentmaier and Mr. Huber (Steinbichler) in September 2011 in Rovereto, Italy.

The tests demonstrate that INTACT 2800 clearly detects separations in OTR tires. The retreader can estimate size and harmfulness of the findings without cutting or buffing the tires. This non destructive method enables Marangoni to reject non-retreadable casings before purchasing these. The tires from customer orders can be checked in advance to determine if they are reatreadable or not. Due to this fact, a lot of customer complaints can be excluded. In addition, it saves handling charges and material cost, as well as other expenses due to casings failing during production. It also detects severe damages, which would not turn up during production, but would make the tire fail during its usage after retreading. It is an obvious benefit, that the use of INTACT 2800 saves the company money. Furthermore the prevention of tire failures reduces customer complaints. In the current market situation, the return of investment from buying an INTACT 2800 can be reached in a short period of time.