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Using the VISIO 7 automation software, you can define your entire automation concept within a single application environment and user interface.

In an integrated, closed loop workflow, you can perform all the required process steps from the project start, simulation, valuation, all the way to final reporting. This ensures very safe operation and reduces your support and training costs. Open robot and machine interfaces, as well as open sensor interfaces, protect your existing investments while offering you flexibility and independence by letting you select your favorite evaluation software. Using VISIO 7, you can control not only the ZEISS Optotechnik sensors such as the COMET systems, but also many sensors from other manufacturers that are available in the market today. The same applies to the evaluation software where you are free to choose whether you want to use INSPECTplus or Polyworks.

An integrated collision check feature improves the operational safety and reliability of your automation system and at the same time, increases the capacity utilization. By simulating virtual scans, you can assess the quality of the offline scan immediately, without losing time on manual testing. The powerful 3D simulation also lets you easily create and edit automated test programs. In addition, the software’s network capability allows the central management of all your measuring plans.

With VISIO 7 you get a high-performance product that represents your entire automation process as a type of master function and at the same time it assures high operational safety and reliability thanks to its standardized software which is easy and intuitive to use.
• Closed loop workflow
• Fully automatic mode from start to report generation
• Collision check
• Simulation of virtual scans as well as holes, edges and boundaries
• Open sensor, robot and machine interfaces
• Free choice of evaluation software
• Powerful 3D simulation
• Both offline and online programming
• Variant measurements, panel mirroring
• Transfer of programs to different machines/equipment
• Import of existing ZEISS Optotechnik automation projects
• Integrated photogrammetry
• Rule-based active data management
• History management
• User management (Expert - Programmer - User)
• Time optimized process management (measurement, evaluation)
• Automatic initiation of evaluation
• Creation of project-related report variables
• Intelligent filing system
• Optimization of existing programs
• Safety solution for easy robot handling