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ZEISS colin3D – 3D scanning software for high demands in data acquisition

The 3D Scanning Software ZEISS colin3D coupled with the optical scanner systems COMET, COMET Photogrammetry, T-SCAN ensures best measurement results in quality assurance, sample analysis or digitizing design models. The software platform supports you with the optimum positioning of the object to be scanned in the measuring field and helps to control, document, visualize, analyze and edit three-dimensional data. ZEISS colin3D is a multi-functional and intuitive software that meets various applications and demands.

The 3D scanning software ZEISS colin3D has a high level of software intelligence, by which means optimization processes are carried out automatically. So, the operator is not bothered with complex optimizations which makes ZEISS colin3D particularly easy to operate. The very user-friendly interface reduced to the most important functions, allows quick familiarization, intuitive operation, as well as efficient working. The software platform is structured logically and guides the operator step-by-step through the individual service functions and scans. With the 3D scanning software ZEISS colin3D it is possible to perform various measurements and align and merge the gathered three-dimensional data optimally to get best measurement results. During the scanning process all measurements can be controlled with regard to their quality and completeness due to the CAD integration.
> Watch video of the 3D scanning software ZEISS colin3D
ZEISS colin3D offers a wide range of easy to use tools to edit the scans. After the scanning process with the ZEISS scanner systems COMET, COMET Photogrammetry and T-SCAN, the following edits can be done with the 3D scanning software:
 calculation and smoothening of polygon networks
better matching of individual scans
filling of holes
reconstruction of corners and edges
regularization of nets
calculation of textures
With the help of the 3D scanning software ZEISS colin3D, the quality of the scanned objects may be reviewed by comparing the CAD model with the scanned object. ZEISS colin3D uses false color maps with a color gradient to visualize deviations transparently. By setting flyers, you receive information on the 3D coordinates of the marked actual value, the corresponding set point, and the differential vector between those points.
Calling on many years of experience in programming of softwares and by using the latest hardware, we guarantee maximum performance and high data quality with the 3D scanning software ZEISS colin3D. easy and intuitive handling
operator-friendly software interface
smart editing tools
live analysis of changes in temperature, oscillation and exposure
 automatic assembling of individual scans (matching)
 real-time feedback on the measurement
 simple target-actual comparison with the help of color maps and flyers
 visualization of the measuring field
CAD integration
 best-fit function for an optimum surface comparison


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