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Laser Scanning - T-SCAN / T-TRACK / T-POINT

3D Digitizing – T-SCAN / T-TRACK / T-POINT

Launching the innovative concept of an intuitive-to-use high-precision laser scanner a few years ago, ZEISS Optotechnik, as the first company worldwide, translated the idea of an optically tracked hand-held scanner into an industrial-strength system solution.

The new laser scanning all-in-one solution from ZEISS Optotechnik teams the hand-held laser scanner with a specially developed tracking system and a touch probe. The perfectly tuned components give users major advantages, and allow superior flexibility and universal application capabilities.

The unique combination of hand-held scanner and tracking unit is very simple to use. Its highly ergonomic design and the excellent portability of all system components support efficient surface-based digitizing even for large objects. In addition, the compact touch probe allows easy single point measurements.

The outstanding features of the modular laser scanning and tracking concept ensure fast, precise data acquisition in a wide range of use cases. The scanner/tracker combination supports a large variety of applications, including designing, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and reverse engineering, the scanning of art/historical objects as well as archeology, medical technology, and much more.

The unique Dynamic Referencing function even allows the measurement of moving objects with superior accuracy.

The modular system solution is as efficient in high-end applications like quality control as it is in the entry-level area, where it opens up completely new perspectives for high-performance 3D digitizing.

T-SCAN / T-TRACK / T-POINT systems:

T-SCAN CS Hand-held laser scanner    Technical data      Data sheet
T-TRACK CS+ Optical tracking system to determine the spatial position
of the hand-held laser scanner T-SCAN CS
Technical data Data sheet
T-POINT CS           Simple and efficient single-point measurements
Data sheet
T-SCAN LV Hand-held laser scanner with a large measuring volume       
of 35 m3
Technical data Data sheet
T-TRACK LV Optical tracking system to determine the spatial position
of the hand-held laser scanner T-SCAN LV
Technical data Data sheet
T-POINT LV Simple and efficient single-point measurements   Data sheet
T-SCAN Automated Automated laser scanner T-SCAN   Data sheet

Do you like to receive more information about the use of a laser scanning system? Download our whitepaper - free of charge.

Would you like to see the laser scanners in action? On our YouTube Channel you will find an overview of videos showing our products. Did you also recognize all the advantages of a ZEISS Optotechnik system and are you now looking forward to seeing a live demonstration? Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment for a demonstration.

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