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COMET Accessoires

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COMET Accessories

For maximum efficiency and ease of operation, the COMET systems can be combined with flexible devices for sensor and object positioning, which are perfectly suited for the application at hand.

Height adjustable tripod on wheels; ideal for the combination with a COMETrotary rotation table. FOBA camera stands for a fast and easy manual sensor positioning; different models for an individual adaptation to the measurement application. All sensor stands are equipped with high-quality and smooth-running wheels for maximum maneuverability. Flexible and compact positioning unit with workbench and integrated camera stand; adaptable to customer requirements.  The VarioBench is ideally suited for stationary use in measurement rooms. In combination with the optional set-up featuring Vibration-damped stands, the measurement configuration can also be used as an inspection or analysis unit in a production environment. In combination with the object positioning system COMETdual rotary, the configuration of fully automated, compact 3d digitizing solutions is easily possible, thus providing affordable alternatives to robot systems.
COMETdual rotary COMETrotary 100/400
Rotation table with turn/tilt axis for automated positioning of small and medium-sized objects (up to 25 kg weight). Control via COMETplus software. With the rotation table COMETdual rotary, ZEISS Optotechnik provides a unique solution for the fully automatic 3d digitizing of objects with a side length of up to 500 mm. The user benefits from the many advantages of this configuration supporting a highly efficient measurement procedure. Thus, the COMETdual rotary unit is the ideal and affordable alternative to fully automated robot configurations. Rotation table for the automated positioning of small and medium-sized objects (up to 100 kg weight). Control via COMETplus software.
Rotation table for the automated positioning of medium-sized and large objects (up to 150 kg weight). Control via COMETplus software. Photogrammetric measured reference set-up in individual configuration and scale bars for the precise matching of data sets for automated measurements and scale bar matching. No markers on object necessary.

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