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Who are the people behind Steinbichler´s innovative metrology products?

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Experts of Steinbichler for optical surface inspection
sales / development / plant integration / product management

In this article you will learn more about the creative minds who were involved in designing and setting up of the most advanced ABIS surface inspection units, thereby implementing innovative sensor technology, highly complex software programming and automation technology into a high-performance inline solution!

The ABIS surface inspection unit at the Daimler press shop in Bremen is currently the most modern and also the first inline solution of this kind worldwide. Since the official inauguration of the new press line on October 17, 2014, this innovative inspection system impressively demonstrates the outstanding performance of our automated solutions for optical inspection of pressed parts concerning early surface quality assessment.
Besides account manager Hubert Lechner, a highly qualified development team of experts with team leader Horst Winterberg, and the specialists for plant integration under direction of Axel Näther are the key players in this successful project.

Two interconnecting inspection units, which are directly linked to the end of the press line, consist of a central inspection unit for testing the complete surface of every eighth pressed part, and of a 100 % in-depth control unit for additional checks at three relevant part regions. Through this complex set-up, the ABIS configuration at the Daimler Bremen press shop was a real challenge, especially the demand for absolute inline capability by integration of the unit into the press line with its corresponding cycle time. The result of the surface inspection is immediately available after the testing of the part within only one press stroke (i.e. within only 3 seconds) to support the visual inspection – a true speed record! Special software algorithms further allows for an automatic classification of the pressed parts into “ok”, “not ok” and “rework”.

The specific and extremely complex requirements included part feeding via shuttles, automatic part position recognition, and automatic evaluation/classification of the inspection data with immediate result display to allow for further assessment of the parts by the staff to determine if rework is required. All these challenging tasks have been brilliantly performed by the involved teams by implementing the concept into a completely integrated inline solution. With all measurement sequences synchronized to the press stroke (up to 17 strokes per minute!) and a 100 % inspection of every pressed part on three relevant regions, this ABIS unit represents a maximum of state-of-the-art performance in every respect.

Not least the follow-up order for a similar unit in the new press shop at Daimler Kuppenheim (Germany) strongly confirms that the basis for Steinbichler´s success is built by competence, expertise and optimal cooperation of all involved specialists!

Watch the video: 5. InfoFORUM Surface Inspection at Mercedes-Benz, Bremen

Detail of the ABIS Surface Inspection Unit at the Daimler press shop in Bremen


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