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Sunday, 14 September 2014 02:00

OTR tire inspection for Marangoni S.p.A.

INTRODUCTION The Maragoni Group currently operates in business areas covering most tire production activities. In order to improve quality in the reatreading process and to save unnecessary costs due to defect tires, Marangoni was interested in the capability of STEINBICHLER INTACT 2800 for detection of separations in OTR tires. To get their own impressions about the quality, Marangoni sent eight individual test tires for inspection to the Steinbichler laboratory in Neubeuern (D). Those tires were inspected with shearography and afterwards returned to Italy. The automatic inspection results were recorded and handed over to Marangoni. In order to analyze the findings,…
SYSTEM STEINBICHLER COMET 5 robot-controlled, automated measurement CUSTOMER BMW Regensburg "Mit vielen Pixeln geht´s besser - Many pixels is best" - a photo-optical, three-dimensional measuring unit inspects the complete surface of car body parts in the press shop. Thus, quality control has become significantly more efficient. Since July 2010, the quality control at BMW AG (press shop Regensburg, Germany / TR-30) uses an innovative measuring method (white light fringe projection). The conventional system which delivered only single measurement points of the object surface by using a touch probe, has now been replaced with this optical, non-contact technology for the dimensional…
Saturday, 13 September 2014 02:00

Saving time and money - AUDI AG Ingolstadt

SYSTEM STEINBICHLER ABIS II CUSTOMER AUDI AG Ingolstadt OPTICAL SYSTEM FOR THE INSPECTION OF BODYSHELL PARTS Truth in Engineering – AUDI relies on automated optical surface inspection of bodyshell parts in their press shop quality assurance processes. Customers see the surface quality of a vehicle in close relation to the quality of the overall vehicle. This is why automobile manufacturers are eager to make sure that the bodyshell surface of their vehicles is absolutely perfect. During all steps of the process chain, starting with a single press shop part, as in the example of AUDI AG in Ingolstadt (Germany), to…
SYSTEM STEINBICHLER ABIS II CUSTOMER GESTAMP Polska and VW Nutzfahrzeuge/Commerical Vehicles Poland GESTAMP Polska and VW Nutzfahrzeuge use the surface inspection system ABIS II for the quality control of "Caddy" body shells For the first time, an automotive supplier of car body shells is using ABIS II technology for quality control and documentation. Based on the close supplier-customer relationship between Gestamp Polska (press shop Wrzesnia/Poland) and VW Nutzfahrzeuge/Commercial Vehicles (Poznan/Poland), the responsible quality managers of both companies had investigated the technical possibilities for optical surface inspection. As a result, Gestamp and VW Nutzfahrzeuge decided to purchase an ABIS II offline…
SYSTEM STEINBICHLER COMET 5 CUSTOMER Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte in Traunreut, Germany INNOVATIVE MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY ENSURES INCREASED PROCESS RELIABILITY Quality control for the series production of home appliances at Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte in Traunreut, Germany, used to be based on coordinate measuring machines. Last year, the tactile measuring system was replaced by optical 3D measuring technology from Steinbichler Optotechnik in Neubeuern, Germany. This increased the reliability of the production process and reduced the costs. “Can you also precisely measure and analyze stamped sheet metal parts fully automatically with an optical system?” This is what instrument engineer Paul Spiel of…
SYSTEM STEINBICHLER COMET 5 Being a partner of Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, the French service company Metra, part of the Genaris group, was contracted by the “Musée des Arts et Métiers” in Paris to produce a photorealistic virtual 3D model of the Blériot XI, the first airplane ever to cross the channel between Calais and Dover in 1909. On the one hand, the virtual model was used for a detailed technical analysis of the design of the Blériot XI. Wind tunnel simulations showed the aerodynamical behavior of the construction and three-dimensional measures could be taken of the model. The interaction of…
SYSTEM STEINBICHLER ABIS II CUSTOMER Daimler AG Sindelfingen, Germany Daimler AG has introduced a fully automatic ABIS II surface inspection system as a central audit station at their press shop 2 in Sindelfingen, Germany. The system, which was implemented in November 2008, achieves the highest degree of automation, the greatest flexibility and the highest throughput compared to systems used by other automakers. The test sequence comprises placing a part on the infeed conveyor and transporting it into the inspection cell, where its position is determined (single camera mounted above the conveyor), the robot path is adjusted, and the part is…
Thursday, 11 September 2014 02:00

Football Giants for Euro 2008

SYSTEM STEINBICHLER COMET 5 CUSTOMER B & T Bau & Technologie, Raubling, Germany   With gigantic sculptures of football players and football boots, the sportswear manufacturer Adidas has caused a stir in Zurich (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). At Zurich's main station, giant statues of the world's best football players get people in the mood for Euro 2008. The 18-metre tall kickers have been sculpted in the likeness of Michael Ballack, Philipp Lahm, Petr Cech and Patrick Viera, to name just a few. On Vienna's Museumsplatz, Adidas has placed sixteen huge football boots, each 4.2 metres long, which draw attention to…
SYSTEM STEINBICHLER T-SCAN 2 CUSTOMER Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía DeltaCAD, Spain In early 1904, the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, then proprietors of the Vélez Blanco Castle, decided to sell the small amount of furniture still left in the castle, and in May of that same year they even sold off the building’s most precious gem, i.e. the Renaissance inner courtyard with its magnificent reliefs carved from solid white Macael marble, for 80,000 Pesetas to a French dealer named J. Goldberg. Stone by stone, the courtyard was carted away on pushcarts…
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