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Tool and component measurement - COMET L3D

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Tool and component measurement

Werkzeugbau Laichingen GmbH
Progressive, forming, punch, bending and drawing dies
Tool service, component production, tool design

Werkzeugbau Laichingen has established itself as a first-class partner in the German industry thanks to its specialisation in complex and large-scale tools. In order to maintain and refine the required quality levels, optical measurement is to be used to aid in optimising reverse engineering of tools, finishing/measurement based on CAD data thanks to maximum precision, simple handling, quick results and high-quality measurement.

The COMET LƎD sensor’s BLUE-LED technology makes it possible to record up to 8M measurement points in only about 2 seconds. When it comes to parts with a great number of features, this method is many times faster than measurement using conventional tactile systems. The COMET LƎD sensor’s contact-free measurement principle facilitates rapid measurement of objects which are very difficult to measure using conventional measuring machines/tactile measuring heads. The COMET LƎD sensor is ready for use within an extremely short period of time. Standard commercial camera/video tripods for positioning the measuring head make handling very easy and efficient. The low operating distance makes for trouble-free work, even in confined spaces.

The challenges which Werkzeugbau Laichingen faced included digitalising tool elements and reverse engineering of surfaces. The greatest possible precision and data quality were the top priorities in the process. After checking out several optical measurement technology suppliers, the customer opted for a system from Steinbichler due to its impressive system and competent advice, among other reasons. Another decisive factor was the required speed and precision of thesystem. It had to be good, uncomplicated and precise – good reasons to decide for the COMET LƎD.

“An immense advantage of contact-free scanning also becomes clear when capturing individual stage components of our forming tools in order to analyse the sheet metal’s drawing behaviour with greater accurance and handle critical deformation areas more precisely. This also makes it possible to review the results from the forming simulation software. The level of precision meets our requirements, which is why we decided on the COMET LƎD systems. On the  whole, Steinbichler offers a high-performance digitalisation system which is convenient to operate and generates high-precision 3D data very quickly. Its compact design and convenient maintenance are further benefits which set it apart from tactile measurement machines. This brings us within reach of completing the last step in delivering the initial sample test reports of our parts as a 3D scan,” reports Mr. Schwertfeger.


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