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3D Scanning system creates greater flexibility

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COMET LƎD allows in-house assessment of parts in tool manufacture.


Manufacture of tools and devices

Brabant & Lehnert Werkzeug- & Vorrichtungsbau GmbH

“We need entrepreneurs like this,” commented Jürgen Lenhof, the Head of the Department for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at the Ministry of Economics, Labour, Energy and Transport of the federal state of Saarland, when in 2013 Brabant & Lehnert GmbH’s two founders Bernhard Lehnert und Vincent Brabant reached a kind of staging post. Only two years before they had taken over the insolvent toolmaker Fritz Fries GmbH, and by transforming the company into Brabant & Lehnert GmbH had rescued dozens of jobs. The company has now already moved to a new production hall, which at over 4,000 m2 is far bigger than the previous one.

In the Municipality of Wadern’s new industrial zone the member of Automotive Cluster Saarland is designing and building complex tools in the area New Energies, and in particular for the automotive and automotive-supplier industry, including pretty much all the prominent representatives of the industry.

The finished tools serve, for example, the purpose of bending, cutting and punching sheet metal. The company is also active in the field of manufacture of devices for welding and assembly, as well as measuring and testing devices. By interlinking CAD design and production Brabant & Lehnert can offer complete solutions to their customers, and the commitment, experience and, last but not least, expertise of the employees, who now number over 100, guarantee highly beneficial, extremely cost-effective and durable products. And this Saarland company is showing time and again that anyone with good planning and design will ultimately make easy-to-operate tools with pleasingly low maintenance costs – and boasting the label “Made in Germany”.

In the field of tool manufacture the digitization of adapted parts has hitherto been the remit of external providers. To increase the company’s flexibility Brabant & Lehnert were on the lookout for an optical measuring system.

In the particularly compact and powerful 3D sensor COMET LƎD the company found the optimum solution for efficient 3D data capture. Within a very short time the COMET LƎD sensor is ready for use. Thanks to the simple lens-changing process a change of measurement field is possible in a few quick steps, and the sensationally short measurement period and user-friendly software make for an efficient measurement process. The COMET LƎD provides excellent data quality and extremely precise measurement results, and is thus also ideal for demanding applications in the fields of quality control and tool manufacture.

At Brabant & Lehnert the main area of use in tool manufacture is component sampling for three-dimensional parts – a kind of virtual checking process with the aim of showing prior to serial production whether the part to be manufactured displays all the properties the customer wants, and particularly all the requisite properties.

Using the COMET LƎD, in-house engineers can now carry out better on-site assessment of the current state of a component in just a few minutes. “Superfluous corrective grinding of tools is now a thing of the past,” says Bernhard Lehnert. And the close and continuous coordination with the clients at Brabant & Lehnert GmbH shows good form. This process is also made much easier by the ZEISS Optotechnik 3D digitization system, because any discrepancies or ambiguities can now more easily be cleared up, or do not occur in the first place.

   Coordinate-alignment information
Colour comparison using the software
Coordinate-alignment information

Overall Brabant & Lehnert are delighted about the COMET LƎD sensor’s easy operability, precision and flexibility. The great value for money and the excellent and praiseworthy service are also positive aspects of the ZEISS Optotechnik system. Admittedly, the business partner has mentioned the minor niggle that shiny parts are whitened, though in the new ZEISS Optotechnik COMET series this criticism is not necessary to the same degree.


• Better assessment of parts
• Easy operability, precision and flexibility of the COMET LƎD sensor
• Excellent and praiseworthy ZEISS Optotechnik service
• Great value for money

“Whereas we used to have to coordinate transport matters regarding the parts for digitization with an external provider, we are now extremely flexible, and can use the ZEISS Optotechnik system in tool manufacture with customized precision.”
Bernhard Lehnert, Managing Director, Brabant & Lehnert Werkzeug- & Vorrichtungsbau GmbH


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