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Reverse Engineering with COMET L3D 2M

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Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, Isny, Germany (World leading manufacturer of premium hunting rifles)


Blaser Jagdwaffen has a long tradition in the manufacture of hunting rifles and is committed to providing products of the highest quality and precision. For the 3D inspection of handmade stocks featuring complex free-form surfaces, the company was looking for a high-accuracy optical measuring system for digitizing and reverse engineering to a CAD model.

With the Steinbichler COMET LƎD Sensor and the COMETrotary table for the automatic positioning of the stock, 3D digitizing takes only a few work steps. The subsequent quality control using the Steinbichler INSPECTplus software allows a quick and accurate comparison of the complex 3D free-form surfaces with the nominal data. After digitizing in Geomagic Studio, new handmade stocks are reverse engineered to a CAD model, which is then used as the basis for the new production.

The tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines previously in use at Blaser Jagdwaffen could no longer satisfy the increasing requirements that resulted, in particular, from the growing complexity of free-form surfaces in the new stock models. As Blaser is committed to offering its customers highest quality and precision, the custom solution suggested by Steinbichler was exactly what the company had in mind. Added value is also created by the fact that, despite the high performance of the Steinbichler system, the hardware and software are very easy to learn and use.

The complete expertise from 3D scanning to reverse engineering is now inhouse, which substantially increases flexibility and reduces response times in quality management as well as in design and quality assurance.
“With this measuring system, we are faster, more flexible and more efficient than ever before,” says Susanne Bodenmüller, Head of Quality Management and Quality Assurance at Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH. “Whether it's reverse engineering or the 3D inspection of complex components, the Steinbichler system offers the optimum solution for us, and allows quick, easy and high-precision quality control.”

Not only the technical aspects were a key factor in the positive purchase decision, but also the ease of learning and use as well as the excellent priceperformance ratio. Blaser anticipates realizing ROI within three years. An extra mention went to Steinbichler support engineer Benjamin Eberbach for excellent personal consulting. “I enjoy providing customer support to Blaser Jagdwaffen because Blaser and Steinbichler share the same high standards regarding quality and precision, and the COMET LƎD is an excellent product to meet these requirements,” summarizes Benjamin Eberbach.


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