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Results-orientated testing at BMW

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COMET 5 – White light Fringe Projection Results-orientated testing of blank defects

Automotive Manufacturing

BMW Group, location: Dingolfing Department: Calibration laboratory for physical unit length

Calibration labs are typically subjected to the strictest requirements and this is certainly the case at BMW Dingolfing where blanks delivered by suppliers must be tested for defects to ensure that the high standards of the BMW Group are met. The Dingolfing laboratory is responsible for the physical unit length but alongside the objective of improving supplier quality, is also involved in other applications. For example, one of the Mechanical Engineering Departments needed a CAD model of a tool taper with a clamped tool for simulation purposes. Using the COMET 5 White Light Projection System, a steep-angle taper and tool was measured and a 3D CAD model produced. Since then, this CAD model has been used by the BMW Group in Dingolfing, enabling production steps to be simulated offline in the machining centre.

BMW Dingolfing was looking for a Fringe Projection System to complement their existing measuring method and incorporate Optical Metrology within their processes. Their objective was to obtain even greater data density and carry out full surface measurement of components quickly and easily. A range of devices were tested and after evaluation, the COMET 5 system was the preferred system due to the excellent quality of raw data and ease of operation.

Optical metrology allows users to generate full-surface measurement data extremely quickly and easily, in comparison to tactile metrology and other measuring methods. With the COMET 5 sensor in operation, the calibration lab in Dingolfing now has the capability of testing and confirming the quality of parts supplied to BMW Dingolfing with full recording and documentation of all measurement results thanks to features within the Steinbichler software.

The COMET 5 System is compact and easily moved which makes it ideal for measurement tasks at different locations within the laboratory; and it’s flexibility makes even large ojects easy to measure. In most cases, adhesive markers are not required to accurately align scan data. This, and the addition of a rotary table to semi-automate the scanning process generate mean significant time savings for users.
BMW Dingolfing have found the COMET 5 system invaluable for quick, accurate monitoring of the quality of their supplied parts but it is also proving an asset for other applications including the mapping of tools to CAD models to carry out offline simulations.


• Simple
• Fast
• Reliable
• Excellent customer support

"One of our goals is to improve suppliers' delivery quality. This goal has been achieved with the acquisition of the COMET 5 system. Thanks to the easy operation of the system and software, we are able to carry out measurements quickly without attaching markings, etc. Besides the product quality, we also appreciate the exceptionally good cooperation with Steinbichler."
BMW Group, MF-502, Metrology, Process Engineering, Technical Cleanliness


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