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Measurement of active forming components

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INSPECTplus Evaluation Software

Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH, Renchen-Ulm, Germany
Automotive supplier of formed metal parts


As a solution provider and development partner, Erdrich Umformtechnik has developed into a global player in the area of metal forming technology in the course of the company's 50-year history. In tool building, a main focus of the company is on the measurement of active forming components. The early detection of defects in production parts also plays a major role.

The product development of tools involves a vast number of modifications made over a period of several weeks. The design of the individual forming die has to be tried out every time, and then reworked by hand. To increase the efficiency of product developments and improve the quality, Erdrich decided to obtain a system for the optical form measurement.

Erdrich Umformtechnik placed high demands on a suitable system and was thus looking for a competent partner for optical measurement systems, which they found in BLANK Technology, Steinbichler's distributor in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany). After intensive consulting meetings between Mr. Blank, Steinbichler Optotechnik and Mr. Kaspar, a clear solution and decision was soon found, not least due to Mr. Kaspar's expertise in metrology. The COMET 5 fully met the high expectations in every aspect.

“The fact that Steinbichler provided us with the sensor for testing and evaluation purposes made the decision easier for us. And the positive experiences have since been fully confirmed,” says Ingo Kaspar, measurement engineer in QA Tool Building. Many sophisticated 3D measurements that used to be performed with the tactile coordinate measuring machine are now carried out by the COMET 5 – with massive time savings across the overall process. Measurements for nominal-actual comparisons are used for parts with an accuracy of up to 0.02 mm. The formed parts are scanned directly, and modifications to their form are processed and simulated by CAD. Even unknown components are  quick and easy to digitize and reverse engineer. Variable measuring ranges and the modular sensor concept allow digitizing objects of different sizes with the highest accuracy. The high performance of the COMETplus and the COMETinspect software now enable Erdrich's engineers to program measurement sequences followed directly by automatic evaluation.

Economic considerations have also played a key role, explains Ingo Kaspar: “The investment in the optical sensor has paid for itself within one year. To expand our measurement services, our company is currently even considering the purchase of a second Steinbichler system.” After almost two years of working with the system, Ingo Kaspar is an enthusiastic Steinbichler user. In cooperation with Steinbichler's development team, he has been able to implement a number of useful software features, which are now also available to other customers.


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