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High-precision system for 3D digitizing

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This engineering firm for measurement services has now switched to ZEISS COMET LƎD.



Andreas Rühmer Engineering Firm, 35088 Battenberg 

Battenberg is a small town in Hessen, with a population of only 5,500. It is also the hometown of Andreas Rühmer, the founder and owner of this engineering firm specializing in measurements.

As a Mechanical Engineer, he works on more than 1,000 orders every year – primarily from customers from the automotive industry – together with his seven employees. This figure is also on the increase. The spectrum of services offered by this service provider in the area of contract measurements include the preparation of initial sample reports and the execution of feasibility tests, as well as the digitizing of components for the execution of target-actual comparisons and for reverse engineering.

Due to ever-more complex designs and the increasing number of free-form surfaces on components, important functional measurements continue to be performed only in tactile form or contact-free, using 3D measurement machines. The trend is moving more and more toward the digitizing of components and comparison of data generated in this manner with the 3D data.

In 2011 – following testing of multiple digitizing systems – the Rühmer Engineering Firm invested in a contact-free 3D white light fringe projection system by Steinbichler, known nowadays as Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH. For three years, Rühmer and his employees used the ZEISS COMET 5 system in order to quickly digitize workpieces and compare them with the CAD model.

In 2014, working for more than 60 customers both domestically and internationally, the company switched to the more precise ZEISS COMET LƎD. "We wanted to offer our customers the most current and innovative system on the market", states the visionary engineer regarding his decision.

The special 3D sensor projects blue LED light as a stripe pattern onto the object to be measured. This muster is specifically distorted due to the geometry of the respective component, and is recorded by a camera. The software generates relationships between the camera, the projector, and the projected point on the workpiece, using triangulation calculations. The scatter plot created in this manner is then converted into a triangular network in STL format. This how a 3D model, that can be used for the target-actual comparison with the 3D CAD data set, is created.

Currently, the engineering firm is using the ZEISS COMET LƎD for verification of the profile forms and for the reverse engineering. These are tasks that this service provider had already conducted for its customers using the ZEISS COMET 5. However, the resolution is now significantly higher, allowing for finer details during the target-actual comparison itself. This is an advantage that equally "excites" both quality-conscious customers and measurement technology experts. Furthermore, Andreas Rühmer sees two additional reasons why the ZEISS COMET LƎD represents "a clear step forward in the area of digitizing", in comparison to other systems: 1. an easy modification of the measuring fields, and 2. lower operating and follow-up costs thanks to conversion to the LED technology.


- "Our quality-conscious customers value the high resolution of the ZEISS COMET LƎD and the possibility to image the finest details."
- "The training and installation expenditure was low - thanks to our existing knowledge, but primarily because the operation is intuitive."
- "With the ZEISS COMET LƎD we are expanding our spectrum of services and we can thus acquire additional customers."

Andreas Rühmer, Andreas Rühmer Engineering Firm, Battenberg


Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH
Georg-Wiesböck-Ring 12
83115 Neubeuern, Germany
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