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Perfect start with optical metrology

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Two ZEISS Optotechnik systems enable 3D scanning of components at Sonnplast GmbH.


Injection moulding and assembly technology

Sonnplast GmbH

Sonnplast GmbH manufactures high-precision technical moulding parts made from thermoplastic polymers using single- and multiple-component injection moulding methods. The company are headquartered in Sonneberg (Thuringia). As a supplier to car manufacturers and well-known motor-industry suppliers, the company are known in the marketplace for their broad portfolio of products, such as seat covers, fan flaps and cup-holders.

To meet the high quality standards required for interior and exterior parts, Sonnplast GmbH make use of various systems for testing quality: 3D coordinate measuring machine, profile projector, measuring microscope, height gauge and hand-held measuring equipment such as sliding callipers and external micrometers.

To expand their measurement lab, the company were in search of an optical measuring system for small and large components. Because Sonnplast GmbH are ISO/TS 16949 certified, the system had to operate with maximum precision. It also needed to facilitate the work of the measurement technicians whilst saving time in their daily work routines.

Sonnplast GmbH found the solution in two systems from ZEISS Optotechnik: T-SCAN CS and COMET LƎD.

With the hand-held T-SCAN CS laser scanner, even large components can be scanned in 3D quickly, intuitively and with great accuracy. The COMET LƎD 3D sensor, which operates on the basis of fringe projection, provides excellent data quality along with highly accurate measurement results, making it ideal for use in quality control.

Both systems are used daily and are suitable for almost all small to large components manufactured by the company, regardless of whether the components comprise one component or multiple components. The measurements include initial samples, re-qualifications and testing in daily standard production.

Significant time savings thanks to use of the systems have already been seen. The main advantages can be attributed to the fact that the components are pre-aligned in the software, allowing for an assessment of the entire component. Until these systems were purchased, components could only be tested with other measuring instruments by means of single-point measurements. Now the company can obtain an assessment of dimensional stability and potential distortion of the component in a very short time. This enables a further feature, for instance, the "false colour comparison". As a result, Sonnplast GmbH can also act much more quickly on current production operations or pending tool corrections for initial sampling.
Portability when shipping ZEISS Optotechnik systems is of great importance for Sonnplast GmbH. Thanks to the simple installation and removal and the supplied rolling case, portability is assured in superb fashion. And the ease of operation and flexibility of the systems make everyday work routines even easier.

If the component range changes or grows over time, the company can expand the systems. This is possible due to various replaceable measuring fields with which each component size can be measured and evaluated.
Because the software is designed to be very user-friendly, all employees were able to work independently with the systems immediately following the relevant training.

"For our company, value for money is always an important consideration, of course. And in my opinion, both systems offer excellent value for money", says Mr Lengert, Metrology Team Leader.
Shortly after a new purchase, the service network is extremely important. Knowledgeable, friendly ZEISS Optotechnik employees are always at the ready on the Service hotline to answer any questions that may come up during daily use of the systems.

Thanks to the ZEISS Optotechnik fringe projection sensor and hand-held laser scanner, the company will at the leading edge of the competition for some time. Depending on whether the company will expand, it will soon become clear whether the metrology department will also undergo an expansion. Because the systems are compatible, a possible expansion in future poses no problem at all.

Mr Lengert believes the ROI to be very high. Viewed over the long term, the two systems will provide significant time savings. It will thus be possible to measure many more components in a shorter time. This also entails savings in employee costs. Moreover, except for calibration, both ZEISS Optotechnik systems are practically maintenance-free. Thanks to the cutting edge technology of the LED sensors in the COMET LƎD, the systems have a long service life and excellent energy efficiency. The operating costs of the devices are therefore extremely reasonable, a factor which must also be taken into account for long-term use.


•    Systems are suitable for small and large components, regardless of the number of component parts
•    Clearly evident time savings
•    Highly portable systems
•    Expansion capability of the systems

"We are 100-percent satisfied with our ZEISS Optotechnik systems. They are quick and reliable. Operation is extremely easy and makes everyday work significantly easier."
Maik Lengert, Metrology Team Leader, Sonnplast GmbH


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