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Football Giants for Euro 2008

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B & T Bau & Technologie, Raubling, Germany


With gigantic sculptures of football players and football boots, the sportswear manufacturer Adidas has caused a stir in Zurich (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). At Zurich's main station, giant statues of the world's best football players get people in the mood for Euro 2008. The 18-metre tall kickers have been sculpted in the likeness of Michael Ballack, Philipp Lahm, Petr Cech and Patrick Viera, to name just a few. On Vienna's Museumsplatz, Adidas has placed sixteen huge football boots, each 4.2 metres long, which draw attention to the major European football event.

B & T Bau & Technologie GmbH, a company located in Raubling, Germany, is specialised in bracing technology and sophisticated special formwork solutions for concrete constructions. In Adidas's unique marketing campaign, B & T has demonstrated its great expertise in mold design and construction. The individual components of the sculptures were either milled from polystyrene or cast in moulds that were foam-filled with a special PU material. After final assembly and the application of a 2 millimetre thick coating, the sculptures were finish-machined and authentically painted by an airbrush artist.

Given the size and prestige of the project, the production of the advertising media was no easy feat. The football boots, for example, were to look exactly like the real thing - only much bigger. To accomplish this, the original boots first had to be measured with high accuracy in every detail. In search of a technology capable of achieving the required precision, the experts at B & T contacted Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH in Neubeuern, Germany. Steinbichler's COMET 5 3D digitizing system (based on white light fringe projection) proved ideal for acquiring the geometry data of the original boots down to the finest detail. The data could then be scaled to the required size in the milling program without problems. COMET's high-speed data acquisition and data processing as well as its excellent data quality were of vital importance for the subsequent work steps in order to ensure both a realistic appearance and timely completion.

Besides developing and manufacturing optical 3D digitizing systems, Steinbichler Optotechnik also provides high-quality measurement services.


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