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Deviations at a Glance

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GERKON safeguards quality with the ZEISS COMET LƎD


Service Provider in the area of coordinate measurement technology and 3D measurement technology 


"There is no 'it can't be done'!" is the motto of Gerald Konrad, Managing Director of GERKON GmbH. This company, located in Mooskirchen, Austria, works on customer orders to digitize workpieces, cultural objects, and most recently even indoor spaces and plots of land. The Managing Director's approach to work has paid off. "Business is booming" says the 40-year-old, having generated turnover of more than 300,000 Euros in 2016. There is one additional aspect that is driving sales for this company, founded in 2011: "Companies are starting to recognize that it is worthwhile to allow for the digitizing of parts, instead of creating construction plans manually." This is assuming, of course, that the data quality is good. This is why Konrad, a trained machinist and machine electrician, searched in 2016 for a highly modern scanner with which he could also take orders from companies in the automobile industry. In other words, for clients "who distinguish themselves for operating in a quality-conscious manner." The investment made is "not a small sum for a three-person company" states Konrad, but it satisfies this businessman's requirement to "always strive for the best." Not an empty statement, as emphasized by this Managing Director from Austria, for whom it is also personally important to "keep abreast of the state of the art" and who thus invested approx. 10,000 Euros last year alone, for advanced training for himself and for both of his colleagues.

Within Austria, the company currently belongs to a small handful of companies that can conduct highly precise 3D measurements.

The 3D sensor ZEISS COMET LƎD from Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH, formerly Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, is impressive with a resolution of 3296 x 2472, achieved through excellent data quality and highly accurate measurement results. Thus, the device presents itself as the ideal solution for demanding applications in Quality Control and for reverse engineering. The sensor works with an innovative, maintenance-free and economical LED illumination technology. The 3D data collection using the solution implemented by GERKON is fast; the measuring time totals a mere 1.7 seconds per sequence. In addition, the innovative sensor system is extremely compact and light. This fact, together with the high ease of use, ensure that the operator has a flexible functional range for the ZEISS COMET LƎD at his disposal. And thanks to the included ZEISS colin3D software, the measurement results can be compared very rapidly with the 3D data record of the CAD model. In the process, deviations between the specified target values and the yielded current values are comfortably presented as a faulty color comparison, which significantly reduces the margin for faulty interpretations by the user. In addition, the software allows for preparation of detailed protocols for documentation of the measurement results.

After one year of use of the ZEISS COMET LƎD, one thing is certain for Gerald Konrad: "Investment drives the business." Word has already spread that it is now possible to measure parts visually and thus very quickly, and yet with a high level of accuracy. This company, which gets almost all new clients on the basis of referrals, is reporting full order books. This is also because it has enabled the ZEISS system to continue offering reverse engineering. And one additional aspect makes a decidedly positive impact for the Managing Director: "Thanks to the portability of the ZEISS system, we can conduct measurements directly at the customer's location." An offering that has its finger firmly on the pulse of the companies it serves. In the meantime, GERKON employees are conducting measurements "at customer's sites much more frequently than at our own measuring site." To be able to specify for automobile suppliers, more concretely, the deviation tolerances that must be observed so that all parts fit properly during final assembly, the employees now scan e.g., supporting points, locating pins, and welding fixtures for the cars to be manufactured. The greatest advantage is that Konrad can accurately detect, with the fringe projection scanner, every deviation from the target value up to five one hundredths of a millimeter. Thanks to this level of precision, the Managing Director considers the area of application for this ZEISS system to be "almost limitless". From individual parts for vintage cars, to large artist sculptures, "everything has already been digitized" by GERKON.

The Service Provider, who also conducts tactile measurements, believes that the great interest that companies have in visual measurement technology is also compounded by the fact that rather inexperienced customer employees can now technically "interpret the measurement report much faster and better". This is because with the ZEISS system, the deviation between the actual value and the target value are presented visually as a false color comparison. "This is something that truly everyone can understand, the results can be easily interpreted", emphasizes the Managing Director.

GERKON has many advantages thanks to use of the scanner - requiring only a quick training of employees by ZEISS on safe operation of the system.

- ZEISS COMET LƎD drives business for this Measurement Services Provider thanks to its speed, its accuracy, and the portability of its system
- Visual representation of the deviations between the current value and the target value reduces the risk of misinterpretation by the client
- With the ZEISS system, the Service Provider expands its portfolio with the option of reverse engineering

"Since we started working with the ZEISS COMET LƎD, we scan a large spectrum of components, both quickly and in high resolution, for our clients."
Gerald Konrad, Managing Director and Owner of GERKON GmbH, an Austrian Measurements Service Provider.


Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH
Georg-Wiesböck-Ring 12
83115 Neubeuern, Germany
+49 8035 8704 0

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