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Castings PLC see double with Comet L3D

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Castings PLC / Central Scanning Limited


Castings PLC are an established iron casting and machining group based in the UK and supplying overseas. They produce ductile iron castings, SG iron castings, austempered ductile iron (ADI) castings, Simo castings and Ni-resist castings up to 40 kg in weight using 4 Disamatic moulding machines and 3 horizontal Green Sand moulding machines. Castings PLC had been looking for an inspection and reverse engineering solution for some time. Their research included demonstrations of an articulated arm with incorporated scanning based system as well as white and blue light scanning systems.

During the UK launch of the LƎD system at Steinbichler’s UK Agent, Central Scanning Ltd, Castings PLC brought a part along with them that had given other scanning companies a few headaches. “It was the first time we had seen the STEINBICHLER COMET LƎD since receiving technical information on it prior to the launch in the UK. We were extremely impressed with the speed of the data acquisition and the overall quality of the data produced,” told Glen Elmy, Operations Director of Castings  PLC. Featuring innovative LED lighting technology, the extremely compact high-performance COMET LƎD sensor adds a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition.

The new ultra-portable sensor makes 3D data acquisition even faster, easier and more accurate. It is the ideal cost-effective entry level solution for users who want to take advantage of the extensive functionality of optical metrology without compromising performance, technology or data quality. STEINBICHLER COMET LƎD performs excellently even in demanding applications such as quality assurance. Its rugged design, the dustproof enclosure for the optical components of the sensor head, and the high-quality connectors allow use in industrial environments. The sensor is controlled via an industrial standard CAN bus interface.

Thanks to its ultra-compact size and light weight, you can position the sensor using standard accessories (e.g. camera stands). Transport, setup and commissioning of the overall system take very little effort. Designed for easy handling and use, COMET LƎD offers you maximum flexibility and efficiency in all your measurement tasks.

The successful presentation of the new sensor at the launch led to a second on-site demo to 12 people from Castings PLC and the decision was taken there and then to buy 2 of these systems. “Speed, ease of use and quality of data were the key factors for us. Affordability also played a big part in us opting to purchase 2 systems,” explained Glen Elmy.


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