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Automated Robot-Assisted Application

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BMW Press Shop in Regensburg, Germany


Process optimization and reduction of the time and work involved in initial sample production by the installation of an in-house inspection system in Regensburg, on the occasion of the new BMW 1 series model. High-precision dimensional accuracy inspection and quality assurance through new inspection method.

The COMET 5 system implemented in the robot-assisted plant in the BMW press shop in Regensburg features a 2-Megapixel camera and a 400 field of view. The sensor is held by a KUKA industrial robot that is provided with an arm extension, and installed and aligned on a linear axis. A 3 meter long horizontal or vertical plate allows mounting the sheet metal parts in the required mounting attitude. Using flexible references that are set up around the panel and provide defined reference points, the data acquired in the individual measurements can be merged.

The quality assurance department at BMW's press shop decided already last year to introduce innovative new measurement technology. The dimensional accuracy inspection of the body panels arriving directly from the press line is part of the quality assurance. This is because only panels that meet the required high dimensional accuracy can be used in the body shop and final assembly.

“The crucial question for assessing the dimensional accuracy of the panels is: Are the sheet metal parts within the dimensional tolerances of a tenth of a millimeter, for example regarding the rear light cutout of the side panel?” says Roland Vanino, explaining the requirements on the inspection system. “Our decision to implement the COMET 5 in our press shop resulted in two positive changes at once,” adds Roland Vanino, (TR-30) Measurement Quality Management. “It eliminates the large amount of time and cost that used to be involved in taking all new parts somewhere else, e.g. Munich, for inspection. And the use of the 3D sensor from Steinbichler Optotechnik allowed us to switch to a highly innovative  measurement method at the same time.”

“As the COMET 5 has often been used for the inspection of series production parts, we at Steinbichler were very pleased that the sensor delivers an excellent performance also in full initial sample production – a process that is significantly more complex, for example due to the integration of a complete edge/boundary measurement. “Considering that the costs of subsequent changes to the tools because of quality defects can run into the millions, it quickly becomes clear how  important the ultra-accurate measurements achieved by the COMET 5 are,” explains Marco Pohle, Head of Automation at Steinbichler.



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