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ZEISS Optotechnik invests in the next generation - take advantage of our new metrology education program

Free Educational Webinars: Educational Whitepapers:

Join ZEISS Optotechnik for our monthly webinars focusing on the education industry for professors and students alike. Our monthly webinars will provide information on optical measurement methods, 3D laser scanning techniques and data collection and post-processing best practices in the metrology industry. The future of metrology is here, so invest in your future and sign up today!

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Register to download a free ZEISS Optotechnik whitepaper today. Our whitepapers outline problem/solution cases that provide important information about how 3D scanning techniques are utilized in various industries. Whitepapers on the following topics are available for download: Optical Metrology, Surface Inspection, Shearography Tire Inspection, Shearography NDT, Automation and Laser Scanning.

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Test Drive our 3D Scanners: System Demonstrations:

We understand that investing in your future takes more than just gathering information and making a decision. Purchasing a metrology solution is a big investment. We want you to experience the value a 3D scanning system can add to your metrology classroom or lab before you worry about the cost of investment. Experience the ROI before you buy! Contact us today and we will offer you the opportunity to borrow a system with an option to buy for your university before you make that investment.
Some limitations may apply, limited time only. Not all systems are suitable for rental.

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Have you gathered your information from our webinars and whitepapers and now you want to see how it works in person? ZEISS Optotechnik provides system demonstrations on all our products free of charge before you make that investment. Whether you want a private demonstration or would like a demonstration during a class lecture, we can set it up at your convenience.

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Fields of Study:  

Optical technology is the future of the metrology industry. Invest in your future and join ZEISS Optotechnik’s Education Program today! The learning is free and the knowledge is priceless. 

Suitable for a wide range of studies including:
• Engineering/Mechatronics
• Construction
• Industrial Metrology 
• Design and CAD/CAM
• Production- and Plastics Technology 
• Automotive and Avionic Technologies


Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH
Georg-Wiesböck-Ring 12
83115 Neubeuern, Germany
+49 8035 8704 0

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