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Art and culture

Art and culture

When reproducing works of art and cultural goods, a high precision of the provided digitizing data is essential. Our systems perfectly meet these requirements.

We offer you the highest quality for your work. Because of the different available measurement techniques (e.g. fringe projection or laser scanner) you can solve many challenges with the suitable system for you.

Everything from one company. Our staff can be found on a large portfolio draw the best solution for you.

Some of our references:

FH München, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, FHTE Esslingen, University of Madrid, IOTA, Jiaotong University and much more.

Statements Application stories
"The flexible adaptability to a wide range of measuring situations and the ease of use of the measuring system software, in particular, have made it very easy for us to use and have delivered convincing measuring results."
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Sorg, Head of Energy Systems and Material Testing Department
BIMAQ - University of Bremen

„With the ZEISS Optotechnik sensor, we are well prepared for the future and in a position to satisfy the increased demands of our customers.“
Martin Scherm, Quality Manager

Read already completed tasks with our ZEISS Optotechnik systems.

Our application stories from the art and culture sector should give you an overview of the solutions we can offer in optical metrology:

BIMAQ counts on fringe projection
The Venus of Vestonice - STEINBICHLER COMET 5
The Making Of the Virtual 3D Model of the BLERIOT XI
Digitalization of the Renaissance Inner Courtyard of the Vélez Blanco Castle at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Possible methods of measurement Whitepaper

We offer different measurement methods, which also can be combined at yourself and can also be automated.

Rely on the opportunities in the areas of 3D scanning, based on fringe projectionlaser scanning and photogrammetry.

You have the ability with our whitepapers to obtain further neutral information on the topics optical metrology, laser scanning and automated systems for free.

Our whitepaper will help you get started in our ability based neutral information.

Do you have any questions or want a demo at your place? We look forward to your contact. Fill out our contact form and get the information or call us.

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