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Are you currently using conventional coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and would like to make your work more efficient and sustainable using state-of-the-art technology? This white paper gives you an overview of the possibilities and advantages offered by optical measurement technology and, in particular, by 3D scanning using white light fringe projection.

3D scanning provides new, highly versatile possibilities. Capturing the entire object surface opens up a completely new dimension in the quality and detail of the information you get about your processes. Whether you work with classical nominal-actual comparisons, speed up your form finding process for the capture of design samples, or use reverse engineering to create a parameterizable CAD file allowing the digital representation of “old” components for which no CAD data is available (anymore) – the 3D scanning technology moves your business forward in many ways.

Continue reading:
• How does the white light fringe projection method work?
• What does this mean for users in practice?
• What are the concrete advantages of this 3D scanning technology?
• How quickly are the measurement results typically available?
• What quality and accuracy can be expected?
• What application possibilities are there?
• Where are the limits of the systems and how can they be avoided?
• What does a real-world example from ZEISS Optotechnik look like?