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INSPECTplus - ZEISS Optotechnik inspection software

Benefit from a wide functionality range for the dimensional evaluation of 3d data utilizing the INSPECTplus inspection software!

The measurement results give the user valuable basic information for a wide application range, e.g. for tool settings or for the timely recognition of wear and tear areas. The variety of comparison methods provides a highly efficient tool for quality control which pairs high performance with ease of use. For the alignment of the measurement data, the user can choose a suitable method from a comprehensive state-of-the-art functionality range, e.g. featuring the best-fit alignment of a component. Also, alignment methods such as 3-2-1 or RPS alignment are available with the standard software version.
Including protocol generation and comprehensive editing functions for the documentation of the measurement results, INSPECTplus is a compact, versatile and easy-to-use inspection software package suitable for a wide range of applications. The free viewer version can be used e.g. for subsequent data comparisons. Any inspection process can be automated using recorded (macro recorder) or user-defined Visual Basic macros. The generated macros can be controlled by external software products which allows an easy integration in automated units at any time. This makes INSPECTplus ideal for repeated measurements and serial inspection processes.
• INSPECTplus application in 32 and 64 bit technology including direct interfaces for automatic data exchange with COMETplus and T-SCANplus
• Easy-to-use, graphical user interface
• Import of common CAD data formats: IGES, VDA-FS, STEP, Catia V4 / V5, Pro/E, Unigraphics , SolidWorks, XT Parasolid, JtOpen
• Data export to statistics programs: qs-STAT, CSV
• Best fit alignment with simultaneous automatic pre-alignment of the data sets and/or alignment based on selected elements
• RPS alignment and alignment to geometry elements
• Calculation of the deviation for surface data, planar sections, border lines, fold points
• Display of deviation via freely scalable color display
• Display of needle diagrams for comparison of border lines and intersections
• Calculation of distance and angle values, display of deviation relative to nominal data
• Inspection of comparison and RPS points, geometry features (holes and slots, vectors, planes, spheres, cylinders, cones) and evaluation of shape and position tolerances (GD&T)
• Visualization of the results by freely definable flyers (GD&T information, object features, deviations and spatial position)
• Interactive and automatic trimming
• Determination of point direction from nominal data
• Undo/redo function
• Automatic evaluation and report generation via macro control (macro recorder)
• Online inspection by direct import of 3D pointclouds and comparison to reference data
• Space Mouse integration


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