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Fringe Projection - COMET Systems

3D Digitizing / 3D Scanning – COMET®

Optical 3D technologies have become established in a wide range of applications over the past few years. Their key advantages over tactile measurement methods include a much higher flexibility and efficiency, allowing users to capture and process large point sets within seconds, with a single measurement.

Featuring a modular design, the innovative COMET sensors for 3D data acquisition (based on fringe projection and BLUE LED technology) are the ideal choice for a vast variety of use cases. The ultra-accurate measurement data is used, for example, in quality assurance (e.g. actual-nominal comparisons to CAD data) or for design, rapid manufacturing and reverse engineering applications.

COMET systems provide excellent data quality and outstanding ease of use. They are used in the most diverse areas of industry, including the automotive and supply industry, mold and tool making, electrical equipment, and many other industries.

The COMET system series includes the following systems:

COMET 6 Sensor with Intelligent Light Control Technologie (ILC)      Technical data     Data sheet
COMET LƎD 3D sensor with Blue LED Structured Light Technology Technical data Data sheet 
COMET LƎD 2 Ultra-compact 3D sensor that offers great flexibility Technical data Data sheet
COMET Automated              Sensor for automated measurement processes Technical data  Data sheet
COMET Photogrammetry Acquisition of 3D Data and 3D Reference Points
with measuring adaptors
COMET Accessories Flexible devices for sensor and object positioning    

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Application Stories: Optical Measurement


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