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Friday, 11 March 2016 10:06

The versatile COMET L3D

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A 3D sensor with many impressive advantages.


Tool Design and Construction

HERU Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG, Lennestadt - Grevenbrück, Germany

When Rudi Hesse founded HERU Werkzueg GmbH in 1987, the development and manufacture of trend-setting tool technologies were top priority. Today the company, located in Lennestadt - Grevenbrück, Germany, is a market leader in this area. Product design and process development of complex, detailed sheet-metal mouldings and complete units are part of a broad product range. Production of transfer tools, progressive dies and thread tubing tools, as well as bent parts, stamped parts and deep-drawn parts, round out the portfolio.

The tool specialists from Germany’s Sauerland region have already had the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a wide range of national and international projects. In 2014, the opening of a new process and technology centre in Lennestadt marked a new milestone.

This large number of products and services makes quality assurance an ever-present theme. Tactile measuring machines are used to measure the components in order to ensure high product quality. Little by little, however, these machines were reaching their limit. The requirement for fast, quiet measurements in series production was gradually becoming the primary focus of quality assurance; in particular because 3D measurement methods of this sort provide tremendous advantages in terms of speeding up release processes.

The decision to purchase an optical measuring system was made in the third quarter of 2014. The COMET LƎD and rotary table from Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH (formerly Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH) in Neubeuern, Germany, proved to be perfectly suited for the requirements.

This innovative, maintenance-free 3D sensor also made it possible to conduct the required measurements in series production at very low cost. Thanks to the new and unique LED-Puls mode, the sensor with its high light output delivers excellent measurement results even in difficult environments. Combined with the rotary table, complex components can be scanned in an exceedingly short measurement period of two seconds per individual recording. The COMET LƎD also proves its worth in quality control and quality assurance with its excellent data quality. The sensor housing and the complete measurement set-up are extremely compact and lightweight and can be transported with ease.

Measurement report generation combined with the ability to provide the customer with an additional quality certificate is just one of many advantages associated with the purchase of the COMET LƎD.

Target/actual comparisons can be performed quickly and with minimal effort. Components that have not yet been digitally sensed can quickly be recorded, visualised and analysed. Complex component shapes can be sensed without the need for extensive preparations or sophisticated programming. Thanks to the intuitive INSPECTplus and colin3D software, the results are available almost immediately. The modular design of the sensor and rotary table makes it possible to measure components of varying shapes and sizes quickly and flexibly. And finally, it is worth noting the reduced workload of the tactile measuring machines since the COMET LƎD's commissioning.

• Simple, flexible and easy to operate
• Very attractive price point
• Target/actual comparisons
• Rapid sensing of new components
• Intuitive software
• Generation of measurement certificates
• Load reduction of existing measuring machines

"We have now become so accustomed to this convenient measuring system that we can no longer imagine quality assurance without it. We should have taken this step much earlier!"
Markus Hesse, Management, HERU Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG, Lennestadt - Grevenbrück, Germany


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