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Practical training with COMET 5 sensor

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HTL Wolfsberg uses a digitizing system from ZEISS Optotechnik for modern technical training.


University / Education

Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt (HTL) Wolfsberg

HTL Wolfsberg is a 5-year higher technical vocational college. In its day school, HTL Wolfsberg offers training in four fields of study: automation technology, mechatronics, industrial computer science and mechanical engineering.
Professionals in the workforce are able to attend evening classes at the school for working professionals in the fields of automation technology and industrial engineering.

HTL Wolfsberg strives to provide all-round, comprehensive training, giving participants a general education as well as theoretical knowledge in specific disciplines. Hands-on experience is gained through construction and design exercises, practical units in the laboratory and workshops.

The reason for the sizeable investment in a 3D scanner was to offer pupils and students a modern technical education as part of the entire product development process. Product development today is almost inconceivable without 3D scanners and 3D printers. And the process of reverse-engineering components to create CAD models for subsequent working gives graduates a basic education which is beneficial for their further professional life or studies.

Key factors in the purchase decision were the accuracy and flexibility of the COMET 5 sensor.

With its compact system design, the COMET 5 sensor provides a high degree of mobility, allowing it to be used in various locations. Thanks to its simple operation and user-friendly software, which includes versatile functions and analysis tools, the user benefits from maximum ease-of-use. And not least, the sensor lends itself well to professional use, which is indispensable for a solid education.

Because HTL Wolfsberg is also extremely well-equipped for injection moulding applications, mould wear measurements are also carried out and analysed for injection-moulding activities.

Use of the COMET 5 sensor not only gives pupils and students the opportunity to receive a cutting-edge education, it also serves as a unique selling point for HTL Wolfsberg, which reflects the educational quality of this location.
In addition to the applications mentioned above, the COMET 5 sensor also makes it possible for HTL Wolfsberg to perform complex measurement tasks and component sensing together with the students for partner companies from industry (school partners), thus establishing a direct connection between the "classroom" and the real working environment.

The school plans to use the sensor in all training departments in the medium term, whereby its use will initially be promoted in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. Until the COMET 5 sensor was obtained, no such system was in place. Laboratory equipment existed previously only in the area of 2D image processing.

            Scanning of a wood sculpture with many degrees of freedom – practical example of component post-processing. Scanning of a wood sculpture with many degrees of freedom – practical example of component post-processing.
Scanning of a wood sculpture with many degrees of freedom – practical example of component post-processing.

• Modern technical education
COMET 5 serves as unique selling point
• Accuracy, flexibility and mobility of the COMET 5 sensor
• Software with versatile functions and analysis tools

"Accuracy and flexibility were key features for the purchase decision. In addition the extremely competent professional consulting and support in terms of selecting an appropriate system were advantageous. The ability to quickly and easily create images in different locations thanks to the system's portability was also extremely important. The software with its versatile functions and analysis tools is indispensable for a solid education and professional use."
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Markus J. Liebhard, HTL Wolfsberg


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