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A new dimension in increased efficiency

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3D digitizing with the ZEISS T-SCAN CS+ optimizes quality assurance and product development. 


Manufacturer of office and contract furnishings 

Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH, Altheim, Austria 

Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH from Altheim (Upper Austria) can look back on a history covering nearly 170 years ‒ a history filled with innovative decisions. After decades as a carpentry and construction company, the firm diversified and began manufacturing furniture starting in 1921. To great success. By 1930, the company already had 275 employees on its payroll. And because the management set its focus at an early stage on the booming field of cinema and festival hall furnishings, the company also survived the global economic crisis and the war years. The long-established firm didn't lose its flair for profitable trends after 1945, either. In the 1960s and 1970s, the company was one of Europe’s three most renowned manufacturers of seating furniture. The furniture maker reinvented itself yet again in the early 1980s. At that time, it withdrew altogether from the home furnishings, cinema, theatre and restaurants business units, continuing to operate only its office and contract furnishings division. Today Wiesner-Hager is among Europe’s most successful furniture manufacturers, with an export share of 56 percent.

To continue meeting the increasing quality standards of its international customer base in future while also reducing the time to market for new products, the company management was looking to take its quality assurance to a new level. The manual measurements customarily used in quality control were far too imprecise, and much too time-consuming. A disadvantage that impacted prototype construction; what’s more, it impacted the entire development department. Wiesner-Hager therefore set out to find a fast and precise measuring method. And it found what it was looking for. Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH, formerly Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, provided the solution needed to boost efficiency in quality assurance and product development: the handheld ZEISS T-SCAN CS+ laser scanner.

The ZEISS T-SCAN CS+ all-in-one system includes a hand-held scanner, a tracking camera and an optional tactile touch probe. The surface of the parts being scanned is sampled via the contactless laser line integrated in the hand-held scanner. And it all takes place at a rate of 210,000 points per second. During this process, the tracking camera detects the position of the scanner, allowing the 3D surface data to be calculated by triangulation. The touch probe can also be used for tactile sensing of additional individual points, such as perforated edges or impervious recesses. As such the system is extremely versatile and can be used in applications ranging from quality control to tool and die making, design development, rapid manufacturing and reverse engineering.

System setup on site - ZEISS laser scanner  Scanning a component with ZEISS T-SCAN
System setup on site                       Scanning a component

Wiesner-Hager itself uses the laser scanner for a range of tasks in various divisions: Development/CAD, Die-Making and Quality Assurance. The introduction phase at the company was relatively short. “After three days of training, we were already quite good at using the system”, emphasises Günter Weilbold from Quality Assurance, “and after a month of self-directed study, we felt like experts”. The ZEISS system is used specifically for incoming goods inspection, series testing and prototype design, but also to inspect development parts as well as testing and welding equipment.

“Our investment in the ZEISS T-SCAN CS+ laser scanner has paid off. We are now able to detect faults early on, at the product development stage. This allows us to bring high-quality products to market faster and more cost-effectively”, Günter Weilbold continues.
But product development is not the only thing to benefit from the new measuring method, according to Weilbold: “Thanks to the high-speed measurement and process accuracy, we are detecting quality problems in production earlier than before and are thus able to correct them faster”.
Another reason the company decided to invest in the ZEISS T-SCAN CS+ was “because of the ZEISS laser scanner‛s attractive price-performance ratio and ease-of-operation”.

“Since we have been using the laser scanner, we are measuring faster and more accurately. We are detecting faults earlier and are now more efficient, from the Development department to Quality Assurance”.
Günter Weilbold, Quality Assurance, Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH



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