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Concentrated fringe performance

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Fast custom digitizing with the ZEISS COMET LƎD. 



RUAG Aerostructures Services GmbH, Wessling - Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany 

Using the latest technologies in composite forming, sheet-metal forming and metalworking, RUAG Aerostructures Services GmbH in Wessling - Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, manufactures, develops and integrates primarily structural modules and precision components for aerostructures. The company's core competencies include specialised processing methods, forming technology, surface engineering, assembly technology and environmental technology, which are reflected in large, highprecision individual components, detailed components or complete modules and systems.

The customer base spans many industries, ranging from machine builders and semi-conductor manufacturers to wind power specialists, to companies in the automotive industry; but RUAG's primary customers are the renowned aeroplane constructors.

In order to manufacture products at the highest quality level, quality assurance with guaranteed high dimensional accuracy is absolutely essential. Comparisons of target versus actual component performance are indispensable in this regard, and contactless 3D measurement methods provide the most efficient way to capture data.

The decisive factor in acquiring a 3D scanning sensor was the realisation of a project in which it was necessary to perform optical measurements on the actual condition of approximately 1,500 components with an accuracy tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm, and to reverse-engineer CAD parts from the STL files.

Following an extensive evaluation, RUAG chose the ZEISS COMET LƎD fringe projection sensor from Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH (formerly Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH), headquartered in Neubeuern, Germany.

This innovative measuring system for 3D data acquisition provides an extremely convenient system solution for the application at hand. An added plus is its intuitive ZEISS INSPECTplus software.

In connection with a very clear, structured system configuration, the software makes it possible for technicians to work independently with the system following a four-day training. The different lenses allow measuring ranges to be adjusted to the various component sizes in the blink of an eye, easily assuring the required dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.05.

Fast custom digitizing with the ZEISS COMET L3D. Fast custom digitizing with the ZEISS COMET L3D.
                              Measurement set-up: ZEISS COMET LƎD with rotary table

Since acquiring the maintenance-free 3D sensor, RUAG is now able to evaluate part documents for components using a completely new approach. Two different production states can be compared immediately and evaluated through rapid generation of STL files. This is accompanied by the possibility of quickly incorporating this new, time-saving type of target/actual data analysis into new quality assurance process chains. Exceedingly short measuring times of under two seconds per individual image allow for a degree of efficiency which was previously lacking. It is also worth noting that the system fits perfectly into its ambient conditions thanks to countless attachment options (from pedestals to wall brackets).

• Extremely high dimensional accuracy
• Clear, structured system layout
• Simple, flexible and easy to operate
• Only four days required for training
• Target/actual comparisons
• Comparison of various production stages
• Intuitive software

"It's hard to believe how fast we were able to work productively with the ZEISS COMET LƎD. The system provides countless data acquisition options and enables us to define new quality assurance processes which allow more efficient accuracy checks."
Guido Maier, Team Leader, Measuring Technology, RUAG Aerospace Structures GmbH - Gilching


Carl Zeiss Optotechnik GmbH
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83115 Neubeuern, Germany
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